Friday, December 31, 2010


whoop whoop ~ it's already 31st of DECEMBER 2010 babe!
my super duper senior year had gone again and i will be the junior AGAIN..(-_-)
there's a lot of things had happened in this year..
loving new friends GEMGEM properties,shitting new enemy amiruddin useless!,eating new food phenomenon of KELI,doing new habit a lots,releasing new emotion really??hahah...
all those makes me a lil sick sometimes but i think that was FUNtastic!
every places we go will brings u a different kind of experience..
maybe when i'm in kk,i was a GOOD GIRL with my surau and so on..
but,in muar i was totally different..totally changed into something creature that have so many event in her mind..
i admitted that in muar i am a BAD GURL..why??
i'm not so sure but i can feels it..its myself right..i know wut happened to me..
but i just hoping that creature will ever not show up again after this or i'll lost my way..
this year is the TOUGHest year for me as this is  my SPM year..
i needed to fight against the creature to study,to control my emotion sokmo emos ,to behave well not actually ,enjoy the happiness...
one thing that very important in this year is EATing..hahah!
i dunno but i think this year there's so many types of food i had eaten since all the ATFs love to donate their foods to our room F17 eventhough it is 1.00a.m..nasi ayam hilda..heheh!
thanks a lot to them especially IMAN who neva forget to brings us food everytime her mother came to visit her, hilda,piqa,anem,nada,shira,ONEY miss u darl and many more..
not forget to c.hazrat's and c.kholil's also eating..thanks a lot my teachers!
well,with all those memories i will stepped forward for a new year 2011..
it will be mooooooore tough and exciting coz it is mahasiswi year!
everything that had happened and will happen makes me who i am and which path the best for me..
i'm finish here and last one in 2010 FULLSTOP

 the SPM is end!

this is what we called as gemg makan

 see..eating again at c.hazrat house

 GEMGEM properties!

 i love nurnabilabazli so much!ur my truest friend ever..

 my craziest classmate except that 'AM'

 my beloved homeroom

 my 2nd graduation..

thats all from me..those pictures from MUAR