Sunday, December 26, 2010

sikitt jerr...

assalamualaikum..urmm,pe yg sikitt ea??hahah!well,last night finally i met my cousins after not seeing them since ari raye puase..but,it still not complete yet coz paklong's n mak andak's family not coming..there's nothin much we did juz the happiest parts r EATING makan itu penting and watch DEATH RACE violent but beautiful...various age watch it with an open mouth..(^_^) i hav some good news from my beloved friends who successfully got SPC..congratulations to them as that is the reward for their struggleness..ha hah!especially UMMU,she got uitm shah alam n will be goin there fast!but pity on you coz u'll need to go to plkn after u finish up ur studies..ha ha ha!!evil laugh seeing them who already can see how their futures goin to be makes me quite jealousy coz i still cant see my own path..maybe after the plkn i manage to handle this thing..i really want to make the BEST decision n survive for the next..just one week left for me to enjoy this freedom..aiyooo,plkn is nearer to me rite now..scary but exciting i think thats all for today..if i hav the mood to write more,then it is..(^_*)tata!

 ibu yang gemok

 samosa itu amat sedap!

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