Saturday, January 1, 2011


whoop whoop..!!read the title LOUDly..
the new year has begun..
so there must be AZAM BARU right??
not real azam but that is what i want and plan for this year..
so this is it....
  • i want to decrease my weight!haha..PLKNing soon..wait aa..
  • hopefully i get an EXCELLENT result for my spm..superSCARY
  • i want to get at least 3.4 for my first sem in U insyaALLAH
  • i want to get heal from the penyakit! 
  • i want to leave that bad habit!
  • i want to be more saving after this
  • i want to watch taiwanese drama that necessary??   
i dunno what to write more...
later will be update ok??
may ALLAH bless me n you always..insyaALLAH..

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