Sunday, January 2, 2011

ini cerita i-CITY

this is the first picture i took
huhu..finally last night i went to i-city to get an awesome view of those colorful lamps by my own eyes!
not too excited but i think it is very kuno if u never go to that place even u're near enough to go there.. 
this place is sooooooooo big..
so make sure u wear the right shoes when u go there..(^_^)no no high heels!
urm,nothing more to write..
just enjoy the pictha!

ni sebab xmas rituh..

 who knows what picture is this??hahah!
a lil story..
actually xde niat un nak amek gmbo nieyh..
tapi tyme tuh elok jer tgh lalu sebelah dye n 'popp!'
awan idea aku kuar berkepul-kepul...
tue yg terjadilah gmbo niey..
tp tyme nk amek tuh dgn penoh berhati-hati..
krg x psl2 org ckp 'apehal minah nie amek gmbo side tuh'..
x ke naya name nyerr..
whoop whoop ~ ~ 
 the swans

i like this pic

cute squirrel

she's so CUTE!

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