Saturday, May 21, 2011

langkah demi langkah ke UiTM

today i got more chance to online..the topic of my friends mostly about kepergian warga2 baru uitm di seluruh malaysia..even baru nie haa dpt nk online aku dapat rase kesuraman facebook nieyhh maklum lerr kalau dulu member2 nie kenal in one place cam Kuala Klawang,Muar,Gopeng...and now everyone terpisah ke utara selatan timur dan barat untuk mengejar their own's dreams!bermulalah kehidupan baru bergelar mahasiswa mahasiswi..the new lifestyle waiting for them..anyway,best of LUCK to all my friends who further studies at uitm..which act i got one too,uitm penang with dip mechanical eng but i didnt go and reject that offer becoz i'm not confident with myself to take that course..i think back maybe its better for me to just go to matrik even maybe it is many syllabus need to be completed just in A YEAR!

i cant lie when seeing my friends happy to go to uitm my heart says how stupid am i for not going there.but when i think back,my mind says u are stupidest if you take it even you know you CANT!

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