Tuesday, June 28, 2011

another storiES

hello my lovely visitor!
urmm,today i want to write randomly..[i dont think soo..]
as you can see i had changed the title of this blog..
wondering why???!!
this is because i think i cant pretend anymore..
im not fieqa but really totally truly JENON actually..
its weirdo haahh???
well,whem im entering this matric i had asked them to call me fieqa..
even myself feel a lil bit disgusted[OMK??!] because i think that name doesnt suits myself at ALL..
my behaviour,my thought,my very own is not equal to fieqa..
ahahah!!what crazy am i right now...
just a name and it becomes a big issue with myself..
maybe later the name will be used in other most suitable condition..

ouhh..im soo dissapointed todayy because we lose to Block E today..
sorry adib coz i cant performed better than yesterday..
i tried my best but....urghhh!!
cool derrr..it just a mini kakom.haiyaa myself~ ~ 

my practicum class getting moree GEMPAQ broo..ahaha!
i dont know why im saying that but im feels moree happy when being with them day by day..
maybe the person i feels easy is right there always play play..ahaha!!
just let it be only me the one who knows bout it..lalala~ ~ ^__^

Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah for giving me good results in my quiz..
for quiz 1,im able to get full marks for math,chem and bio..
also for quiz 2 i got full marks for my math and phy..
the most reason why im happy because my phy quiz 1 actually i got 2/10..
but when it is quiz 2 im able to get full marks...
OMK!!i lovee itt!!! =D

how is my orang utan??!
urmm,i dunno because im trying hardly to not contact him for awhile..
even i know this 3rd of july he will start his day as GMI student..
same like telo and eikaa..
but i know later im the one also who will cantact him..
it is MIRACLE if he start first..O.o
let him go girl..find the better one in the future..
as what mr.rajendran said, "life must go on"...=)

ader ciri ciri pelajar 4 FLAT ta?? ^__^

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