Friday, June 17, 2011

everything is not easy..

matriculation life teach me a lot on 'work hard' things..everything that we want we cannot just simply can reach now im trying in volleyball and i got practises on every is tiring you last wednesday n thursday,i got class straight from 5.30 i need to go to practises..AND 8-10pm i got hostel meeting and chemistry extra class!!haiyaa ~ ~ my list of assignment also increasing by time..=.="

tangan aku sakitt!!adoyy,nie sume gara2 da lame ta maen,semalam duk digging ngan serve atas gila2 da lebam2 tgn akuh..mmg lerr biase sbb maen voley en tp seumur idop akuh ta penah lak smpai least 1 spot or 2 spot r lebam uh..nie da ber spot2 haa..da lerr duk kat cnie byk nk salin nota..laju2 lak uh..naseb baek mampu lagi tangan aku nieyh..zzz..='(

TERBAEKK nyer study uh..=)


  1. usaha itu tangga kejayaan..

  2. taoo tapee..huhu!!thanks..
    aja aja fighting utk anda jugee~~