Monday, June 20, 2011

in writing mood

actually i dont have any topic to write here..but i feels like i have something to write let me just merepek alone here..first of all,last week is a kind of crazy week for me..being sooouu busy and tired all the time..urrgghhh,ini gilakk!! and then still contacting him but more HEARTLESS now..[thanks God] getting HAPPIER in our practicum --> MS42..=D being more active especially when now i have volleyball training every monday,tuesday and thursday..and also i involve myself in mini kakom represent my block F..i join volley again and also KAWAD!!! OMK i missed PLKN sooouu much lorr..kawad plkn terbaekk larr.. ^_^

urmm,there's lot of story on playing thing hahh??! what about my studies here??for this time my biology is the BEST!!i got no problem with it..followed by maths,i need to do more tutorial exercises..and then chemistry also need to do more exercises and revision because this is the FASTEST subject..especially in lecture session..lastly physics which i got a lot of dizzy formulae..ggrrr..=.=" but overall still okey laa not too excellent...thanks god because i got full marks in my bio and math quiz..chem still not get the result yet but physics was bad coz i need to do the you guys understand right why i need to do that..haiyaa~ ~

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