Monday, June 27, 2011

kalah bergayaa...

yeaawww!!actually just come back from my little volley tournament which is mini kakom..kyaa~ ~ my team was the first one who officially started the game..Block F vs Block D..haha!it was quite funny when im become the captain for this just becoz im the only one who real volley player on that time as adib and kak amnah had to attend their extra English class..but nearly at the end of the game they came and give support which makes me a little bit up...haha! it was a tough competition becoz we keep have the same marks till finally the games end with 32-30 with Block D as the winner..congratulations to my chantek --> Sim...=) well,its not too disappointed[really??] because at least we lose stylooo...ahaha!! =D just hoping for the next game which is tomorrow Block F vs Block E..adib and kak amnah! do your best sistahh!! ^__^

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