Monday, June 13, 2011

when heart become less

hellooo..finally i got chance to update normally thru my laptop...well,creditos to teha coz she let me to lend the id of ex-pdt which is her roomate..and today also thank God becoz the wifi connection is good..ahhahah!! urmm,now im real 18 lorr..feels great but theres something i want to share here..

im a person who quite obsessed with my birthday..if i sad i forgot my birthday,u should know that im lying to u..zzz..=.=" but this year my birthday was so different coz for the 1st time i could celebrate it with my friends..if not it was school holiday lorr..but here i feels nothing becoz im still new here in kmj..just a few knows my birthday..but on that day it was being very HELL becoz im soo busy from night 12.00 am till the evening..only the thursday night i got chance to use the free call..

well,its not actually hell..the real hell was i've been waiting a wish from him but nothing i got..that really makes my heart become less and sank in sand dunno where it goes..the MORE hell when yesterday i opened his fb wall and found out that he wish another girl's birthday..OMG!that was REAL HURT i felt in my heart..but thanks to nabila coz she helps me to calm down and i swear...YOU NEVER EVER BE MINE!!! im tired of this all..!!u makes me like ur toy..when u want u text me..when not u left me like rubbish here...u sucks man!!!~!@#$%^&*()


  1. hmm...i'm so sorry to heard about that jenon....dear, i know what u feel will be very such a sucks things....don't mess up your brain about this thing...there many thing that more important than this..i know u're really strong.....ok....if u need to share smthing juz called us here...insyaalah we will help u... we never leave u alne dear...we not just a friend but we're

  2. thankss sangatsangatSANGAT dya!!aku sayunk korang gak..korg bukan kawan aku but my LOVELY SIBLINGS!!