Sunday, July 10, 2011

i am happy being here in KMJ!!

finally the mood to update NORMALLY come this this is the time where i want to share what i got after being here in Kolej Matrikulasi Johor for 1month and 2 weeks plus2 laa..maybe at the first i felt so so lonely coz most of them here comes with soo many their schoolmates.i just found a few which is teha,piqa li and tiqah rai..they are the people who i always hang with before..

but all of that keep changes day by day..i got ms42 as my practicum here and K6 as my lecturemates..all of them are totally rawkss to the max! i'm very happy to have friends like them..

this is the picture before the 1st one of our mates left kmj to further study in spa course nursing..goodluck sue!a week after mastura left us to continue study in A-level..but during that time,two new intake which is syakella and lysa joined our practicum and also left us again and change course to account..nyway gudluck all of you wherever you go! ^__^

this is the picture of half of MAN in our practicum..haha!we only have 8 boys which is actually quite many to be compared to other practicum..this is because the ratio of boys to girls here in kmj is 1 : 2..according to our blok kediaman laa..=D

this is during our first titration experiment with madam fazleen..we love she so so much coz she very kind and warm person..she's so so sporting and always laugh freely when with us..

this picture was taken the night where we made practicum urgent discussion on our dinamika assignment..we need to create a simple majlis and the get the instruction in the morning before so means we only have that night to prepare all things..gilakk betul! but...

the result is GEMPAQ! mdm noraziah puji our majlis and the majlis also very enjoyable and also funny!we really enjoy our time together for this and i think this is one of the starting our practicum become more close each other instead of working and copying together to do the lab report..ahaha!

 we before the Larian 1 Murid 1 Malaysia..haha!all were blueeee on that day...

but instead of my practicum mates and oldies,i also got new friends from pasir salak's..all started during the MPPB night we accidentally sit 2rows full of mrsm-ers..woaaa,u can see the gap from there..they all are very crazy same like me and oldies and we laugh again n again that night and the friendship continue till so happy..^__^

last friday in bio practical we need to use our blood to do the in my group i am the one who sacrificed my blood and it was totally blast..i dunno why..ahhaha!

mun lang the one who cucuk my finger..hati kering betul!haha!see,she was very determined to picit the darah out into the test tube..and that face is not in pain okey??that time i'm laughed because eveyone is surrounded me to see my blood..because banyak dan high viscosity..well,O blood always unique! ^__^

put my own blood into the test tube..the second from ur right is the pekat-est and when observed under the microscope,it was vibrating! o.O oh nooo..haha!the cell gonna burst!!kui3..!but halmy said my blood loves to joget2..ahaha!soo funny!

i think enough with pictures now..later will be updated coz i have another 9 months okey here..FYI,my UPS exam is only 3 weeks do scares me..the feels does not like i want to sit for my is comee..haihh,please pray for my best okey?i know i'm a bit lazy now and i'm very not comfort with it!but one thing i know i dont want to disappoint my family again like i did for my spm result..


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