Wednesday, July 13, 2011


OMK! i dunno why but it seems like everything i wore will create a new name for me..if before when i wore the selendang with manik2,my english lecturer called me octopus..=.=" and today when i wore green kurung with green tudung also my math's lecturer  called me IGUANA..=..=" how comee??haiyaa~ it's funny but quite embarrasing...when i laughed he said iguana dint laugh but angguk2..kyaa~ ~ gilakkk betull..

oh noo,i think he started to buang tebiat...3rd july is not the end yet..i keep wondering why now he is the one who start the conversation..maybe because he's too bored there in GMI so he text me to hiburkan diri..but it's a lie if i said my heart not bertaman bunge skrg niee..haha!!juz it is too suddenly and im afraid to be hurt again..adoyy..

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