Monday, July 25, 2011

story of illness

yeahh,i got food poisoning last three days and just recover from fever because of it.actually everything started ;ast friday morning when im felt so so sooou pain in my feels like someone is 'perah my usus' inside there..and also vomitted on that being lucky coz that day is friday.if not i dunno what gonna happen to after finished the class on 12, i immediately went back to my room and slept 'bergulung-gulung' because it was very cold eventhough in the afternoon and the speed of my fan is ONE..=..= until the time i should go to mentor mentee and taklimat peperiksaan,i just go blankly..but the worst it during we were at DSL for taklimat..OMG thanks god becoz im not feeling well on that day..if not for sure me also will get angry with that guy..there was much bigger place than where we sat on that day..with the flies,small place,so much noise and dizziness..i really cant stand with my condition like that..but i just keep patient and ignored those shit and's so not comfortable and till one moment im awake and my head felt like want to burst out! ain looked at me and put her hand on my face and im BURNING!!! a.s.a.p she sent me back to block and again i slept till 4 a.m...Ohh ehmm jeii what a waste...sleep for nearly 12 hours..that what sick people always do hah..ahaha! =D and in 4 oclock in the morning i ate my freezing porridge..lagiii laa KBD!! u were sick becoz of food and the u ate something which really not good for ur stomach becoz u bought it the last evening..haiyaa~ ~ =.=" but it not stayed long in my stomach coz not long after that the porridge is out back..kyaa~ ~ soo hungry in the morning..i took the panadol and went to sleep back till 7.30 woke up back to attend the mini kakom which was soooo bored..i came there for awhile and went back to my block and get settled with reports and blablablaa...actually i just felt better when suddenly that evening my temp rose again and immediately took my bath..and later at night the temp rose again  so i just went to sleep early that night and WISHED to wake up on 2 or 3 am but it just a memory...i woke up at 7 okeee...another WASTE! and finally today im fully recover from those disease..haihh,alhamdulillah..what the most thing makes me worry is my preparation to sit for my UPS so sooouu LESS! ouh,can u make it becomes MORE??? it's me the one who should done it right??trying my best now to catch up everything..i know im able to do it just i need to handle my lazyness ..GO AWAY you lazy bump!! GGRRR! =.= 

today da sehat..yeayy! ^__^

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