Friday, August 26, 2011

if only i can read people's mind

Assalamualaikum gegurls and boboys..well today i want to write about "IF"things. but before that,some people says that word cannot be in our dictionary of life. oh yaa really??! i dont think so. when there is no "if" how come you can dreaming to achieve something? with that word you can see the future. when you can see the future you know how to plan to make it real and even better. see i told you. but who cares? everybody have their own opinion lar derr.. oke oke back to the top. what you would do if you have the power to read people's mind?? yeahh the powerrr..!! HAHAHAHA! *is that evil enough?* well for me, if i have that ability,it may give me more bad things than good things. But as usual,the curiosity always be the winner although we knew already the cause and effect. =.="
      • IF i can read people's mind,i want to read that boy's mind who makes me really curious everytime he appear in my notifications. but i know at the end i will just hurting myself.well,i told you curiosity is the winner. T_T
      • IF i can read people's mind, i want to know why my enemies hate me so much although there's nothing i did.maybe laa but who knows if there have something that i not realized.. so important for me to know it. but then gadoh~gadoh~ciom~ciom~.. again curiosity ~ ~
      • IF i can read people's mind,i want to know if the person who loves me is totally honest with what they said. yeahh again it is the most HURT things if i know th truth. but sape suro awak yang terhegeh hegeh sangat nak tahu kannnn kannnnn...=..=
urmm,see those are some things i would do if i have that dangerous ability. Ouhh ehhmm geeiii, taknak aku kalau jadi macam niehhh.. that's all will only just adding some more problems im my life. so so menyemak. even with myself now having the ability to understand most people quickly by just observing them [not applying judge a book by it's cover okehh], i hate when i found the truth and i feels like want to let the whole world to know about it. *ohh jahatnya aku [baru sedar]* but then i think rationally *chewwahh* and i just let it go. but sometimes i will gossipping about it. but tengok dulu pasal apa laa okee... what else can do? i'm a girl and that is our daily job without salary. and dont tell me boys dont do it. once you do it you are much more worst than us bro! -________- urmm,i think thats all for now. my brain is dried enough with any idea to come out. so, einen guten Tag haben. Wassalam.

quite excited to post this entry because i think this one is come out from my own brain about before,totally from my heart with full of emotion.oh myy dont let me do it again.ENOUGH

keep smiling guys!

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