Tuesday, August 9, 2011


i dont know whether i did the right things or it is another mistakes from this stupid person.
but i think she deserved to know all of those things because it is not just about me,but hers too.
just hoping it will not become so serious.
and sorry friend because you just a victim but you are the one who need to think about this all.
and to the person who supposed to sedar diri please larhh..
there are two of my good friends hurted just because of your ego,perasan and bagai2 lagi laa.
and to me,no need to say sorry.FULLSTOP

and to you.please for a moment can you go away from me?
i think this is not the right time.
but i'll never stop.
stop what?find it yourself.

tomorrow i will challenge my ego to still partner with him during physics lab.
i've decided already to not run from it and face them bravely.
nie baru ade bran beb!hahahaha!
i know the angry is not in my heart anymore only the ego and a little disappointed.
i knew i'm strong enough to handle this for this time.
please dont let me down again.THANKYOU

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