Wednesday, August 17, 2011

tired already

i dunno what to say i in the most weakest state of my life after live for 18years and almost 2months and half.i dont want to tell what had happened straight away but what i feels now is so bad and i dont know how to handle it.if they were my friends it just easy coz i can handle it in any way whether roughly or softly.but now they were peoples who i need to respect and the most important i need to handle it carefully.what am i disappointed the most is they like not trying to understand me first and just straight away attacked me like that last night.those thing really makes me totally down.and now i need to find the strength to face this all,explain everything before i go back to home this coming friday.yes it's very good because after i got pressure from that side,now i got pressure from my own side.if i have blocked that side,should i do the same thing to this side?of course not coz it's only trouble me more.yes you can say anything about me but you will never know because no one's know except my own self.because i am a person who cant easily tells other until i fully trust that person.ahh,let it go and lets find the strength and dont ever let this haunted your emotion.enough with those crying things coz matric's life is not suitable for you to facing this kind of problem like what you had faced during your spm.

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