Saturday, October 1, 2011

Family Day!

Assalamualaikum yaww everyone! well I know it is quite late for me to post about this. but this all because I have no time and need to 'divorce' for awhile with my toshie. whyy?? for my own sake laaa.. I know you understand what I mean..=D

actually this was my family day from my arwah maktok family's side. this event was held at Commonwealth Theme Park's hall on 16th September 2011 which is also the Malaysia's Day. So, it was holiday and me also took the bus from tangkak to TBS like usual. but the unusual was the road after we entered KL toll so damn jammed! and the same goes to the TBS when we want to buy the ticket to go back to tangkak later. the worst happened to me when i want to take the ktm to go to the next station ONLY which is salak selatan.but i need to wait for the second train..wuttaa..?? lamaaa gilaaa kotttt.. =.=" my head felt so damn dizzy because I've not eaten yet since the morning for that day. but later then kak emma fetched me and went to their house. okeke lets back to the topic. well for my opinion this second family day not meriah and comfortable compared to the first time. but it was not too bad since i have a very good time with my relatives!  I dont want to write more just enjoy the pictures okayy.. ^__^

this was the competition to build the most stable and the longest bridge and i partner with ain izz

 yeahh see our bridge! we won the competition but I won it for the second time since the family day before, i did it but partner with kak farah inani. *winkwink*

since that day is Malaysia's Day so we have competition on pahlawan melayu best costumes! from my family we had sent aren and meer as our model. *whoot whoot*

as you can see we wore a name tag to make it easier for us to know each other because there are too many of them till i cant recognize each one of them
this both is my uncles. pak wae and ucu ijan who also as our main people who in charge in this event. as u can see at the back there was a banner where they use the DP from FB each one of us and gather it. quite creative. =)
a nice snapshot of the lil princess in my family by abang ajir. <3
tell me who is the winner?? wahahah!! =P

another nice snapshot of cousins terhebadd!! miss you all guys! wishing we gonna have another time to ALWAYS gather again and have fun together. ^__^

that's all for now


  1. best nyer de fmly day bes02rn..x penh wt pn cm 2..huhu

  2. huhu! yang belah abah aku family nyer mmg jenis suke buad event2 camnie.. ^^