Thursday, October 13, 2011

a simple writing

good morning. well this morning i just want to write something that maybe can help me to have a better mode on speaking in english. as you all know this week the KMJ's student or better if i say this, those who take MUET will need to sit for their speaking test. and yes mine is this morning which is this 7.30.. OMG it feels so scary you know. i didnt felt this nervous feeling before but now see.. there's something moving in my stomach.hahahah! all i can say is my brain please be good to me by giving more appropriate words and more vocab. my tongue also please be good to me by speak all what my brain giving out fluently,no hesitation. the most is important is my own self. please be veryveryVERY GOOD to me by having the full confidence level, thinking in a fast way and be more critical thinking. yes like what sir rajendran said right. hahahah! i hope this 3rd day the question will not become something too difficult because the last session which is yesterday, there were many of them had been cried because they cant do the test well enough as the question is out of expectation. woaaa,thats not a good sign for me,really not good. do pray for me guys. i hope Nur Faten Munirah, Nur Farah Wahidah, Nurul Hanim and Nur Zainun Syafiqah can get better marks for this test as our dream is to reach that BAND 5! insyaALLAH.. ^__^

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