Wednesday, November 9, 2011

KAKOM real punyaa

well hello there world!
hoyeahh finally after waiting this moment so long the day has come.
today 09112011 at 2 pm we will start our journey to go to KMS!
what for?? hey read the title lah gilaaa...
agak teruja lah jugak..tapi agak tensen emosi aku sekarang nie.
ouhh kita dulikkan ape sumua tuhh..
two days here in kmj agak memenatkan..
paling tak tahan semalam lah duk berlari maen ala2 explorace.
bayang je laa tak warm up then terus lari gila2 after agak lame berehat.
lagi2 duk buat J-robik + poco2 memey selamat lahh kaki aku niee..
naseb baek ta boley cabut kalau takk dah takde da..hihihi!
now still gather up my stuffs needed to bring there.
just curik masa sikit to write here.
actually there's a LOT but condition really not helpful.
a week me at kmj so selamat tinggal my beloved toshie. 
you need to be here alone in kmj and dont ever let anyone else take you. 
*cakap macam toshie boleh lawan orang =.=" *
i think thats all for now.
later will be updated okayy.
lots of LOVE. ^__^

* for sure it's NOT my hand. hehee! *

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