Friday, November 18, 2011

someone please..

my condition is not too stable right now.
there's so many feelings inside me and i dont know how to handle them well.
yesterday during i wrote the last entry i felt strong.
then last midnight till the morning i felt happy.
but now i feels kinda losing on something.
that's why im here to write this because there's no one i can talk to.
i need to let all this inside out me so i wont feel too burdened.
seems like tomorrow i need to sit for my MUET test.
but see i just sit doing nothing and been worrying about other stuffs.
oh noo come on jenon you need to be yourself back.
jenon who always happy and always want the best for every moment in your life.
jenon who would not disappoint others and rather to sacrifice to make sure everyone's happy.
come on girl you dont need someone else.
what you need is the someone old inside you.
forget the sadness, come here the spirit.

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