Thursday, December 15, 2011


actually i dont have anything to write here. 
just woke up from my tired sleep because i had slept at 5 in the morning yesterday.
why? last minute worked on english lah kann.. T__T
and today,even i have a lot of work to do i just ignore it and slept!
hoyeahh that feels good but bad too..
cause now im afraid if i dont have time to finish it..
yelaarrhh sempat pulak aku menaip kat sini kann.. =.="
well my life now quite boring..
actually not so boring larhh coz i have quite a good time with all my prac-mate..
all of us getting closer and happier i think compared to last sem.
it is Sooouu GOOD ah!!
ahahh,i miss that sentence..from PLKN... =)
oh yaaa there's no more about him i want to tell..
i think now i can accept him as my friend again..
it's because i feel a hole inside my heart and it have been a long time i didnt feel like this since after you. least i know that is for our best! =D
urmm about that kakom guy,also nothing because clearly he just temporary kott..
mengisi mase lapang..hikhok!
ahah cakap hikhok it's remind me on abang taylor lautmaner..hikhok! >_<
he is very kind and i feels easy when chat with him..
sayang after kakom baru kenal borak2 dgn kauu..
but thats why arh i love FB..
from never talk each other we know each other..
talk making jokes and become closer..
those things make your range of friends wider and everywhere you'll go you can easily tegur that people.
i love that! <3
urrmm that's all larh merepek-ing for now.
need to take my bath first and settle down all the works..
goodbye peeps! ^__^


  1. wahhhh...
    lately ur post 80% in english..
    good good :D

    is it that u have to speak in english in matriks?

  2. ehh nope's not we need to speak in english here..
    it just my own effort to prove my english by using this blog..
    heheheee! ^__^