Wednesday, December 14, 2011


this is the story of my PSPM 1 result

First of all ALHAMDULILLAH kerana dengan izinNYA dapat aku result yang baik. =)
Second it was like a day dream for me because if want to be compared with my effort, it's just like impossible but the reality is i already got it.
Third, ape aku merepek nie dari tadi terus je laa cerita kann..?? ahaha! XD

well actually i got the pointer 3.25. i said it was unexpected because im being too afraid before that my pointer will be below 3.00. why me keep thinking like that? that is because i kept online facebook all the time during the exam fever. play the zombie vs plants game as i became addicted to it. watched the movies all night. and the kakom things like fitness and training so whatever.. can you imagine how easy my life on that time with less revision? i did worry with myself and sometimes i tried to fight with the laziness inside me but it's not easy maannnn.. the word LAZY and me dah macam isi dengan kuku. hah! #tibatiba =.="

when you read this,hopefully no even a small size of charge anyone of you think that i am 'riak' or 'takbur' or 'bajet' so whatever. it's NOT. i just wrote it here to share how terkezutt i am. ahah! what i am keep thingking even myself did so many wrongs, did not fully follow all the suruhanNya but He keeps give me the 'rezeki' , 'kejayaan', kegembiraan' dan nikmat2 yang lain .. betapa kerdilnya diriku di sisi Mu Ya ALLAH... ='( namun ku ucapkan syukur sebanyak banyaknya..

another best thing is in my result i got NO grade C larh bro!! that one really2 good ahhh! even my spm result looks so 'hodoh' because the C that i got for chemistry. urghh T.T a step to go forward. ahah! insyaAllah this coming UPS i will try harder because i have new target which is quite high but not impossible. hoyeahh ganbate jenon! XD one thing i realize this sem i have the spirit so i would never let anything down the spirit. the spirit is mine! lalala~ ~ ^__^

i think it's enough here. so see you later peeps! "\(^^,)/"

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