Thursday, January 26, 2012


ouhoo what a surprise right.. i put that 'S' word as my title.. it just like "oh noo finally you did that" things.. >_< i feels like want to talk about this because now me in the last sem at here matrix life. after this me will straight away continue my degree. so fast hah? it's like yesterday was the first day me left the house and went to kmj. other reason because i could feel this semester more stressful than before. even at the beginning of semester we all had been through quite tough weeks where all the lecturers seems like trying their best to make sure we could finish all the syllabus in time. there's also a lot of assignments which need a lot of time to settle it. 

but what the BESTest things for this semester is Ko-K and ms42 got J-Robik broooo... HAHAHAH! xD so what we do now every weeks gather in one practicum at front door of DSL and do practises, hoyeahh DANCING! what more surprise is even our boys willing to do all that. but not all there still have certain people who their mind too small to think wisely about every action they took. Alhamdulillah everything just fine till today. actually this sem we've been more close to each other since after our BBQ. me so happy with this changes especially that 'brumo nars hijau'. why me choose him?? because he was the one who can be the cause of wacakaphuruharasamalu. ahah ada paham kaaa??

okay back to the topic, about my study me got big responsibility as me become one of the math's mentor. seriously it makes me worried because me afraid if i could not help my mentees especially my kuliah got problem with the way of our math's lecturer taught us. other subjects? Alhamdulillah me still able to carry all of it. all the lecturers also not bad, me have no problem with them till now. but there still have problem.the problem is me NOT STUDY YET for this coming UPS2 on monday!!! ouhhh ehhmmm geeiii what to do?? a bit relief because me going back today so i will have time but will be not too prepared.. haihh that is why i hate go back home when the time near to examination date because i know what gonna happen. so there's nothing else except STUDY when me arrived KMJ later. do pray for me,insyaAllah. =)

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