Thursday, January 26, 2012


Assalamualaikum and a very good mornight to who still have interest to read what i wrote here. hikhok! ^__^

well as usual what i want to say first SO LONG TIME i did not visit my own blog derrrr... wanna ask me why? nothing else i could say. me was so soo damn busy i tell youuuuu... T____T

but why i have time now?? yeahh for sure because me at home right now but unfortunately, it is my last day at home. me going back this 4.30 pm by bus back to KMJail.. well in my mid sem holiday but what makes me freak because this coming monday will be the examination day, UPS 2. o.O

what else i can say bro, it's UPS derrrr... and yet i did not study even a lil at home i tell youuuu.. buat sakit badan aku jee 12jam journey mengangkut beg berat penuh buku. huh?! T.T i just able to finish up the analysis of my english CRAZY thesis project which not really done because i didn't do the graph yet. haizz...

why the word crazy in capital later?? back to the top, i said i've been so busy. yeahh that crazy thing is the one that stole almost my free time dudez! lets burn that ketam hanguih..whoopsss! jangan jangan tak baik he still your teacher.. *haihh sabarnyer lah haii hati oii*

dont want to talk about it because it do really messed up my mind.. well within this a month and half nothing so great i want to share. but maybe i have but not here,wait for the next post. this one just like an opening to get back the blogger mood. ahah gotcha! >__<

so let me end up here and meet me next posts. TATA! (^^,)v

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