Saturday, March 31, 2012


Ahah,what you think about the new design of my blog? Actually it's not something new or something 'WOW' but at least it was my effort and I satisfied with it. I choose this background because it shows the inside of me. I really want to achieve so many things but me myself didnt do exactly what it needs to make all my dreams come true. And I realise,I cannot keep depends on others. Be independent to myself babeh is what I need! Even though I need to be alone forever,I dont care. Because every time I care about someone and then later I got hurt. Being alone is not something pitiful, but it shows the bravery and how strong is the person are. Gonna active blogging again after this since only a few weeks left for me to be in this world,KMJ. After this I dont know when I will come here again. That's for now. LOL-Lots Of Love

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