Thursday, March 22, 2012

curik masa #205

actually now my one hour break..after this got physics tutorial and maths lecture but I dont know why I still want to post something NOW..well this week getting better than before..maybe because there have no other nonsense things I want to worry about..I just can straight away focus to my studies.just now wawa told me that her roomates has make countdown till the final PSPM. she said only 12days left kotttt!! OMJJJJJ sekejap jer tuhhhh...sempat kee I nak habis study semua niehh?? I can feel the guts now..the syllabus still not finish yet and I need to do revision on previous topic which so long I have forget most of them. =.=" takott takott laarriikkkkk..

* * * * * * * * *

okayy this coming saturday I got another dinner. wuttaaa???! okayy dinner organised by my blok kediaman alkhawarizmi or F.. what to wearr??hah I just wear the jubah that I already bring it from early but never wear it here.macam tak sessuaaiii..hang out with who??urmm nampak gayo nyoo dengan Ell and piqa lahh..senang my ex-schoolmates.. ^__^ later I will update about both --> Annual Dinner for Batch 11/12 and for Block got to almost 2 o'clock or I gonna be late to see Mr.Zul..hewhewheww.. >,< tatataaaaaa.!!!

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