Monday, April 16, 2012

10 Days

10 DAYS mahhnn ten only ! After that, we'll be young and wild and free. *dancing dancing* Hahaha no laaa, I'll be a good girl stay at home help my mother to cook,clean the house and many more. Pffffttt..! If I do that everyday at home, for sure I can get married now. I'll be the best housewife ever in the world. *rolling laugh* But one thing I know I want to spend time with my sweeties Dania and Danish before Kak Emma go back to her home. ^__^ 

Actually I still doesn't plan anything yet to fill in my 4 months free time. Go to find some work to earn money? That is for sure bro I need my own pocket money to survive in Uni later and also to fulfill my dream for my new phone. So guys if you have any suggestion for a good android below RM1000 do tell me. I'm still searching and I do admit that I'm not good in finding this kind of stuff. Thanks yaaa..!

Okay now enough with after 10days stuff. We need to think about now. I will leave this jail whoooopps KMJ and never come back again kott. But who knows maybe someday I'll come here again with my friends here. Oh noo talk about friends, yeahhh they are the reason why I will menangis sebaldi on our last day later. Especially MS42 members because I spent a lot of time and memories with them. Thanks to all of you guys for such a precious memories here. If not for sure until now I gonna hate this college forever. Last Saturday's night, we met in front of the Masjid for our little gathering to seek forgiveness from each other. That is one thing I'll never forget. We also did this during our last semester and this semester we also did it. I'm so touched! Huhuhu okayy enough. 

Within this 10 days also, I will sit for my exam, the most important one. The result I'll get later will determine what course,which Uni and many more. Easy to say my future depends on this exam. But how high level my awareness is, I still like this waiting for last minute study kannn. Haihh that's really not good so don't ever try to do it in your school life dongsaeng semua. Whoopss since when I use Korean? Haha this all because of running man! Naahhh you said me also Kpop kipas-susah-mati ? Mehh aku matikan kau dulu. Pffttt..! I like to watch it because it do makes me laugh like crazy and if it's really entertained me then so whaaaattt?? Eyypp back to exam story. Urmm tomorrow is my 1st paper--> English. The next day will be English and Maths. Then we'll have gap 5 days and the next week straight from Monday will be Maths, Biology, Physics and on last day which is Thursday will be Chemistry,the scariest paper ever in my life. =.="

I hope I will still able to do well in the exam. Hope my beloved readers also can help me to also pray for our success. InsyaAllah. ^__^ So now lets go back to face the books! Hahaha. It's time to focus Tataaaaaaaaa ~

with my syajasyquarena ! >__<

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