Sunday, May 6, 2012


A night full with all the download thingy. Haihh sakit kepala sebab dah lama tak tidur lambat macam today. Well thanks to internet because it makes me woke up this early even slept at seven. Had some nice chat with Eddy,a friend of mine from PLKN..which reminds me to other KN7 members. Ouhh dangg I miss you guys a lot! Well hopefully there will be one fine day where all of us can meet again. Maybe wedding cikgu Shah sapa tahu kann..Hewhewheww..Cikgu we all waiting for yoooooouuuu..!!! >__< Urmm pagi-pagi lagi dah dok berbisnes dok share links kat IM tuu. So sorry if some of you feels uncomfortable with it. It's not spam okayy and really thank you to those who helped me. ^__^ It just for my backup money you know so I dont need to ask Abah for money. Okay lots of new games had been downloaded. Gonna play with it sampai muntah. Till then,LOVE.

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