Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Life Now

Assalamualaikum handsome and pretty. Since the dashboard changed to new looks I don't have any mood to write anything here. Even though there have million stories I want to share with readers. I'm sorry for that. Well tonight I want to write something about my new life now because I'm officially not a matriculation student any more. Thanks Allah because I already felt so tired in there and sometimes I just want to give up and leave everything. And because of those bad feelings had make me performed so bad in previous final examination. How I know it though the results not come out yet? For sure I know it especially when the last 30 minutes of biology I just stared blankly don't know what else to write on that paper. How many question I left for my Chemistry? When think back about all of that it's killing me so much!

So,now I live in so so boring freedom life because I'm not a student yet a worker. At home with so lazy ass to do anything. But still helping my mother laaa that for sure. If not confirm kena bebel. Thanks to Toshie because he's the one who accompany me all the time when I getting so bored. Ouh Astro thanks too for the free channel till 6th May but it didn't help me much because the programmes available still boring. Actually I don't know what will makes me not boring. Maybe friends but all of them far far away laahh.. And if I want to hang out with them it's gonna need to spend lots of money and I don't have the money and I don't want to ask money from Abah. So I planned to find some job first and earn money then use the money for new phone,driving license and hang out with friends! Yeahhbsolutely before I enter the Uni life.

My free time now fills with non-beneficial thingy. I wake up late everyday. Eat. Watching television. Enter my room and with Toshie watching same things or online. Eat. Watching television.. Enter my room again and Toshie again then sleep late. So bad huh??! Itsokayyy if you want to say anything because I feels that way too. But what to do? Hahaha! But sometimes I spent time with those english novel I bought before but still not read them. Maybe I should re-work on my project to make a movie of my class MS42. Even Syaza also can't wait for it and keep asking me whether I had finished it or not. Wait haa later I upload it. I don't know what else to write so let just stop here. Till then,tataaaa..! ^__^

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