Sunday, September 23, 2012

too bored

pheww done editing this blog yang very kuno and not helpful at all. hahaha. not really editing la just updating some info about me and blablabla. well usually me only do this when me in desperate state. yeahh too bored and too blurred for the whole day. why me like this? because me have no assignment that can be done right now. actually me have one, assignment to observe the sun and complete the 15 set of sheets given before the mid-term break. but how to dooo mahhnn if we still not learn how to use the tools required. talking about learn how to do surveying, last friday was AWESOME baby! but maybe for now only because me not learn how to use total station yet. yaa we learnt how to use the compass. and me feels good babe! totally good! suddenly mood writing aku lost kat hutan mana ntah. so me end up here. kbye. muehahahah!

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