Friday, November 16, 2012

'Jiwa Blogger' Yang Hilang

Everytime I on my Toshie, logging in to UiTM Wifi. Then bukak facebook, tweetdeck and youtube. With that everytime I just look at "Blogger: Dashboard" up there kat atas google chrome nieh. Ntah bilaaa aku nak  jenguk my blog nie ha. Dari bulan sembilan dah masuk bulan november pun ha. 

See?? To continue from paragraph atas nie ke yg paragraph nie pun I took time almost an hour. Pfftt! -.-" Because I dont know what to share. Urm actually there are too many. But it just I dont know how and when and what exactly to tell here. Senang cerita I lost my 'Jiwa Blogger'. Pehh term aku guna tak boleh blaa bhaiii...!! :O 

And seriously I dont feel like writing anymore. So bye bye. Sooner or later I'll be back!

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