Sunday, June 9, 2013


If only I can turn back the time.
If only I can change what I've done.
If only I listen to what my family told me before.
If only I don't follow that small whisperer.
If only I open my eyes widely.
If only I can stop everything.
If only I can erase it.
If only I can delete it.
If only I can forget it.
If only ..............................................................

But I can't. It's too late. I'm sorry for everything. Don't bother me. I need to handle this alone.

Happy Birthday to me. The most remembered date in my life gonna be another date I don't even want to remember. Maybe I should go and find my new birthday. hahhahaaha *just kidding*

But if you really know me, you'll find out that I'm lying to you. *fake smile*


  1. i just realized i forgot ur birthday, im so soorryy dear... happy belated bufday babe, u always in my prayer <3 u r such a gud fren, im glad i have the chance to b one of ur fren :) :*

    p/s: i never remember anyones bufday... -.-"

  2. Thank you so much friend! Itsokayy because sometimes I also forget. But that "anonymous' didn't help me to know who you are. May I know please?